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We are a consulting company that helps you transition to the new world of the SAP Intelligent Enterprise through a combination of Technical, Process Improvement and Organizational Change expertise.

Most organizations, large and small, do not fully harness the power and effectiveness of their SAP systems. Common complaints include a lack of information, difficult to use and poorly performing processes - the very things that your investment was supposed to make much better! It doesn't have to be that way and because of our years of experience we can very quickly transform your SAP system to be a truly digital core that will be a strong foundation for Digital Transformation and the move to Industry 4.0.

We have a track record for helping companies solve some of their most difficult problems. Learn more about our history, philposphy and how we establish strong, value based partnerships with our clients.

Discover how we can help you develop a sustainable decisive competitive edge and how to best use and get the best value from your SAP investments and prepare you for your journey towards the Intelligent Enterprise

Our approach is based around our Focused Improvement method. We can quickly analyse data from your system to drive rapid improvement. We utilize our profound knowledge of SAP environments together with carefully focused knowledge of improvement methods such as Theory of Constraints, Lean 6 sigma and Decision Theory along with the latest simulation and decision support tools to provide a comprehensive approach to improvement. We invite you to read more and to discuss your potential for improvement with us.

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We specialize in helping our clients achieve significant improvements and results in their SAP Supply Chain systems as well as offering completely independent advice on how best to achieve their Digital Transformation goals and how best to move to the Intelligent Enterprise. Contact us today if you want to see how you can quickly transform your organization by getting the most out of your investment in SAP technology.

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Supply Chain Improvement
Higher Service Levels & Lower Inventories

Discover our service that cuts through the complexity of SAP's Supply Chain management software to quickly realize substantial improvements, much greater organizational alignment and providing a solid foundation for your ongoing road-map.

Business performance transformation
Transform your Business through Focus on Sustainable growth

Discover how to create, execute and sustain a strategy that will propel your business ahead of the competition and deliver increasing margins and growth for years to come

Our Clients

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Case Study


ABB asked us to design a way that their SAP solution could be best used to support their 1ABB solution.  Click below to learn how we designed and helped implement a solution that improved service levels by up to 50% while reducing inventory and lead times by the same amount.

Case Study


Following the acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft was facing increased shortages and surpluses and an inefficient supply chain.  We were asked to help.  Click to see what we did and the amazing results achieved.

Case Study

MultiNational Mineral Resources

This company asked us for some insights on the best supply chain design of a mine with limited products. Click below to read more about the surprising insights and the tremendous profit realization achieved.