We assure you that we keep our word, and will always prioritise the best path for our clients.

Harmony Applied Insight works with you to answer two questions:


How much better can you do?
What’s the cheapest, fastest, lowest risk way of getting there?

At Harmony Applied Insight we apply the insights gained by Goldratt Research Labs (GRL) in over 10 years of joint research engagements with many of the World’s leading organizations and then feed back new insights to GRL.

GRL was set up in 2007 by Dr Eli Goldratt, the discoverer of Theory of Constraints to generate new knowledge and new applications of TOC and it has succeeded and generated billions of dollars in quantified improvements to its research partners.

We use a unique combination of Theory of Constraints, Decision Science, advances in strategic thinking and modern organizational psychology insights that was developed by Dr Alan Barnard at GRL to power our engagements and results.

Essentially our method can be encapsulated in the diagram.  By answering our two key questions we:



Determine the operational performance that should be improved.
Determine the ways in which this improvement should be commercialised.
Ensure that the growth that will inevitably follow is sustainable and as rapid as possible.
Ensure that all the changes are carried out in the fastest and least risk way through the use of our Enterprise Digitial Twin technology - the Harmony Change Simulator and our program design and execution tool - Harmony Change Maker