Devoloping an ambitious strategy that can be executed effectively has proved to be hard - very hard.

Research shows that over 75% of strategies and strategic improvement initiatives worldwide fail to deliver the anticipated gains in performance: think of your various corporate strategies, IT systems implementations, reengineering or restructuring initiatives; how many of these have delivered or exceeded initial expectations?


What if there was a way of ensuring that the success / failure ratio could be reversed or better?

What if this could also raise performance and profitability levels to a much higher levels while also reducing initiative overload and stress?

At Goldratt Research Labs we are pleased to be able to say that it is not only possible but possible without having to undertake major upheavals using a method pioneered by Dr Eli Goldratt and refined by our CEO, Dr Alan Barnard.

At the core of the process we ask 2 very simple questions:

  1. How Much Better Can you do?
  2. What's the simplest, fastest, lowest risk method of achieving this

We begin by jointly agreeing a 'Highly Ambitious Target' or 'HAT' and then determine the reasons why there is a difference between 'perfect world' and 'reality'. Then we 'simply' determine and implement the rules and heuristics that will close the gap between the perfect world and reality. We are significantly helped with this due to the templates and standards that have already been determined for a number of industries.

As Dr Alan Barnard says "If you can find the rules to optimize systems, there is no better competitive advantage".

Contact us to find out how we can help you generate and sustain a decisive competitive advantage and achieve your HAT.