Our services focus on improving Supply Chain & Operational performance and guiding your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise


Harmony Applied Insights is a Research, Development and Consulting organization whose mission is to unlock breakthrough performance improvement in organizations of all types.

Supply Chain Improvement
Higher Service Levels & Lower Inventories

Discover our service that cuts through the complexity of SAP's Supply Chain management software to quickly realize substantial improvements, much greater organizational alignment and providing a solid foundation for your ongoing road-map.

Business performance transformation
Transform your Business through Focus on Sustainable growth

Discover how to create, execute and sustain a strategy that will propel your business ahead of the competition and deliver increasing margins and growth for years to come

Our Product

Harmony Applied Insights provides a product that will help your companies needs and growth.

Enterprise Digital Twin
Digital Transformation and Opportunity Review

In today’s increasingly complex world we need a way of reducing that complexity and also to focus our improvement efforts where they will be most impactful.