Chris Sims is CEO of Harmony Applied Insight and is one of the leading practitioners, along with his colleagues in Goldratt Research Labs, in the world on helping organizations understand how much better they can do and the simplest, fastest and lowest risk way of doing this based on his expertise in Theory of Constraints (TOC) and unlocking real value from technology.

Our Founder

Dr. Alan Barnard is one of the world’s leading Decision Scientist and Theory of Constraints’ experts. Alan is the CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, a company he co-founded in 2008 together with Dr. Eli Goldratt, creator of Theory of Constraints. After their first meeting in 1993, there was an immediate connection between Alan and Eli.

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Dr Eliyahu "Eli" Goldratt (1947 - 2011) was an Israeli physicist turned management guru. He created the management idea called the Theory of Constraints which has since been proven in thousands of companies, industries and geographies. He was the author of the best-selling business novel 'The Goal' and many other works that have been almost as influential including 'Critical Chain' which revolutionised how we manage projects, 'Necessary But Not Sufficient' on how we use and obtain value from technology, 'Isn't It Obvious', called 'The Goal' for Retail and many others. Eli was the originator of Goldratt Research Labs and now is the inspiration behind Harmony Applied Insight